Top 5 Kitchen Plumbing Problems And It’s Causes

Whether you are a new home buyer or an old tenant in Grand Prairie, you are bound to face a few problems with the kitchen’s plumbing system. Whether it is an annoying clog or the constant drip, drip, drip of a faucet, these problems can be pretty frustrating to deal with.

And what’s worse is that these issues can get mess up your entire kitchen in just a day!

But here is the bright side: if you are aware of what these issues are and what causes them, you can easily take the precautionary steps to avoid them.

This way, you will never have to deal with nasty plumbing problems again! If we’ve managed to pique your interest, sit back and read through this feature to put an end to plumbing issues once and for all!

Grease Clogs

Meaning: Did you know that your kitchen is by far the most accessible place to get clogged?

This is a prevalent plumbing issue that occurs when excess grease gets accumulated within the drains.

Cause: Even if you regularly put the waste into the trash, someone else might do the opposite and cancel out your efforts. Unfortunately, even the most negligible amounts of grease could build up and get clogged inside your drains. So make sure to contact your nearest plumbing grand prairie tx!

Faucet Drips

Meaning: Initially, a dripping faucet might not be a huge issue. However, even one drop every second can end up in the wastage of several gallons of water every day.

So if you want to become more water and energy-efficient, you might want to sort out the dripping situation ASAP!

Cause: The most common cause for this plumbing issue is that there is an excess mineral deposit or corrosion within the pipes. However, it could also be caused because of defective washers or o-rings.

Leaky Refrigerator

Meaning: as a homeowner, you are sure to have a refrigerator at home to keep your food from spoiling. However, there are times when you can visibly see water leaking from under the fridge. And when this happens, the functionality of the refrigerator also starts to drop.

Cause: The most common cause of a leaky refrigerator is clogged water lines. However, it could also be caused by clogged springs, door seal failure, loose ice-maker tubes, frozen water supply, and so on.

Make sure to contact a plumber in grand prairie and check the refrigerator’s warranty to see how you can cover the damages.

Drain Issues In The Dishwasher

Meaning: Dishwashers are great ways to clean your dirty dishes without manual labor. However, when this starts to leak, you will have to resort back to the traditional methods of cleaning.

Common signs of dishwasher issues include sounds of gurgling, dirty dishwasher backing up into your sink, dirty dishes, and so on.

Cause: Most of the time, dishwasher drain issues are caused by faulty installations.

For instance, if your dishwasher drain does not have a high loop, the water might not get adequately drained after the wash cycle.

Leaks Under The Kitchen Sink

Meaning: Most of the time, under-sink leaks are quite obvious to spot. However, the cause of it might be hard to pin. Moreover, you might have a hard time understanding the source and solution of the problem.

Cause: Leaky kitchen sinks can be caused by damaged plumbing lines, worn-out pipe connections, pipe corrosions, and so on.


Needless to say, plumbing issues can be pretty annoying and tricky to deal with. Therefore, when you are faced with a plumbing problem, the best thing you can do is call plumbing contractors grand prairie TX from and have them on board.

This way, you get a thorough diagnosis of the problem and get them fixed on time. Whatever the plumbing issue is, there is nothing our plumbers can’t fix!

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