Top 4 Wooden Deck Alternatives

Our garden is one of the most integral parts of our lives. It is a place where we can sit and have some time to ourselves, enjoy dinner with friends and feel free to be ourselves. They provide us a peaceful environment where we can listen to our thoughts. Owing to the importance the garden holds, we are constantly looking for new ways to be creative with our outdoor space.

One of the most important decisions is choosing the best decking for our needs. Timber decking is commonly used. However, if you wanted to opt for something different, here are four excellent alternatives that will give your garden a unique new look:


Although composite decking is a popular, durable option, having tiles installed, particularly outdoor tiles, is a strong alternative. They can give a graceful yet stylish look to your outdoor space. Tiles are highly customizable and are available in different textures, prints, and materials that give you ample choice to create a deck that will make your garden look stunning.

The only drawback that tiling has, is that it requires a lot of care and maintenance to look its best. The grout between the tiles is very prone to accumulating dirt, and the overall color can fade due to exposure to sunlight. Also, tiles can break if you accidentally drop something on them. If you ensure the correct maintenance tiles require and the care needed to keep them looking smart; they are a great option.

Concrete Flooring:

One of the significant benefits that concrete flooring offers compared to wooden decking is its ability to withstand pressure. If installed correctly, sealed correctly, and maintained properly, it will last longer than any other decking alternative. It is a durable option and can save you from the constant fear of damaging your timber decking.

However, the drawback is that it is hard and loud when you walk in it. If you want to give it that cushioned feel or want it to be less noisy, you can accessorize it with a textured rug.

Fibre Cement:

If you are looking for something that should be resistant to heat or moisture, fibre cement is a viable option. It is versatile and lasts longer than timber decks. It can be sealed with a tint and you can match its color with your house color or create an overall theme for your space to create a vibrant new environment.

Fibre cement is easy to install and maintain. It is a great option for your home and can give your outdoor living area a clean and sophisticated look. It is a most cost-effective alternative.

PVC Decking:

Plastic decking is increasing in popularity as another alternative to wooden decking. It requires very little maintenance and resists stains, even if not cleaned regularly. Many homeowners prefer it as it is inexpensive and makes very little noise.

Whilst less durable than composite decking,it creates a clean modern look for your outdoor living area. It is not complicated to install and can be your DIY project for this summer home renovation plan. PVC decking is highly affordable, does not decay, and is less likely to be affected by pests.

The primary drawback is that its colour can fade with consistent exposure to direct sunlight.


With so many alternatives available for wooden decking, you can redesign your garden precisely the way you want. If you install and maintain your decks carefully, they can last for a long time.

Your choice of colour, texture or material can enhance the beauty of your outdoor space and will completely transform your garden’s look and feel. Take care to consider the impact upon the environment when choosing the materials for your garden.

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