Top 3 Housing Trends in Boulder Colorado Real Estate

Currently, Boulder Colorado real estate is experiencing a low inventory and high demand. Nevertheless, Boulder County reached peak sales with 1,745 sales in the third quarter of 2020.

And as 2021 comes to a close, many are trying to decipher future trends for Colorado real estate. So if you’re interested in Boulder, Colorado, keep reading our article so you can stay updated on real estate investing and trends!

  1. Prices are Fluctuating 

The real estate market in Boulder is very competitive. For example, home prices went up by 14%. Yet the average home still sold within a 48-day period. In fact, Boulder homes sell after 36 days of being on the Denver Colorado real estate market.

And the median home price is about $885,000. However, home prices are expected to rise because of supply insufficiencies. When you look at the sales of the past quarter, to the related quarter a year before, there’s an 11% increase in home values.

So what does this all mean for homebuyers? Are these trends in favor or negatively affect the average person looking at Colorado real estate for sale?

Well, the answer is not simple. For starters, for an average home buyer to find the best Colorado real estate, they’ll have to partner with a trusted real estate group.

Luckily, these are not hard to find in the Boulder area. We were even lucky enough to find one with great reviews and years of experience. So if you’re needing representations, visit

Next, you have to know what kind of home you’re looking for. Some homes will be readily available, while others won’t!

  1. Some Segments Are More Available Than Others

When looking at the colorado real estate for sale, there are some segments that are not overly populated. For example, the market for condos and townhomes is very lively.

Many of these homes are staying on the market past the 48-day period. And when they do sell, the original prices have been negotiated and reduced significantly.

So what does this mean for you as a consumer? Well, it means that real estate investing is still possible. And as younger families and singles move to the area, condos and townhomes will have higher demand.

Therefore, getting a townhome or condo now could set you apart and leave you in good financial standing!

  1. Low-Interest Rates

Some blame this trend of the COVID-19 pandemic, and others say the real estate market was headed this way regardless. But what we do now is that we’re seeing an unprecedented amount of millennials purchase homes because of the low-interest rates!

This trend is estimated to make its way into 2022. However, with low inventory on the back burner, some companies will be trying to take advantage of the high demand and low supply!

Boulder Colorado Real Estate Made Easy

All in all, those looking to get into Boulder Colorado real estate can expect low interest rates, competitive listings, and freshly built homes. So consumers do have an advantage as to where and how they want to invest. However, it’s always best to have an agent so that these deals can be done with more confidence!

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