How to Get Started With Pinterest Promoted Pins

Of all the new social media channels out there, Pinterest has grown to be one of the most important for business marketing. A visually filled platform leverages what users are searching for on social networks and gives brands a place to connect with followers through great images. Now, businesses can strengthen their reach by using Pinterest Promoted Pins.

Pinterest has nearly 50 million individual users. Not far from the extreme numbers seen on Facebook and Twitter, but still plenty of potential fans for your brand. Search Engine Optimization You can also expect higher and higher quality engagement rates from the types of people who use Pinterest.

Recently, Pinterest has tried Promoted Pins. This is a paid advertising option for brands that want to get more exposure. Promoted Pins are based on a cost-per-click model. You can set a daily budget limit for a specific time period to better manage costs.

Wondering how you can get started with Pinterest Promoted Pins? Here’s what you need to know:

Apply for Pinterest business account

Before you can use Promoted Pins, you must be approved for setting up a business account. You must have a business account to gain access to the advertising and analytics functions.

It can take a few weeks for approval, so be patient. Strategi marketing online saat ini di media sosial, bagaimana postingan produk bisa memiliki engagement rate luaxs, cara promosi di instagram menjangkau banyak orang dan memiliki tingkat interaksi dengan followers/subscribers tinggi. It is good that social networks are more selective about consent as it ensures a quality experience for users.

You’ll need to confirm your brand’s website and link to your Pinterest account by pasting the code snippet into your site’s index.HTML page.

Once you’ve done that, your Pin will now include a call-to-action button that will link to your website.

Create interesting content

Pinterest relies on great visual content. Make sure you prepare stunning images that will grab the user’s attention as they browse through the thousands of other images on the page.

Set your pin to the associated board. Focus on the interests of your target audience. Monitor what types of images work best and see the highest engagement rates.

When you create a board, make sure you choose a name and description that will catch your audience’s attention and match their interests. Include keywords in your description to make them easy to find in searches.

Invite others to be contributors on your board. This will help you create a larger following than other marketers and social influencers.

Increase results with promoted Pins

Once you’re ready and have a few different boards with visual content, you can start using Promoted Pins to push your content further. Choose from the most viewed Pins when selecting your first promotional Pin.

To see your best Pins so far, check out the Pinterest Analytics dashboard. Promoted Pins must be created from existing Pins. You can’t create a Pin just for promotion. This is to ensure that marketers are promoting original content instead of ad copy.

Promoted Pins must not contain price information or calls to action. Content cannot be profane. No nudity, alcohol, or anything else that is considered shocking or disturbing. You can only include one hash tag in your Promoted Pin description.

Once you’ve decided on the best Pin to promote on your Pinterest Ads page, simply hover over the image and click “promote”.

Once you’ve chosen to promote your Pin, you’ll then need to select your target audience and define key terms so you make sure your Pin is seen by the people you want to reach most.

Using Pinterest’s Promoted Pins feature is a great way to introduce your brand to a wider audience. It leverages popular social media platforms using your visual content.
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