How School Classes Are Continuing to Shift Online

The covid 19 pandemic has forced most schools to shut the traditional face-to-face education system and find other ways of teaching. As a result, teachers and students have widely used online teaching and learning on an unprecedented scale. The pandemic has challenged the world to engage in virtual learning, which could only be previously utilized during the aftermaths of natural calamities such as floods and earthquakes.

The Advancements in Technology

Technology has influenced almost every aspect of our lives today, and education is no exception. First, technology has changed the role of teachers and learners. Traditionally, teachers have been the primary source of information. However, because of the access to information on the internet that technology has enabled, we have experienced these roles change as students take more responsibility for their learning by using the relevant technology to gather information. Many schools are beginning to redesign learning classes in a more online-oriented way, with this new model of education fostering more interaction using technology as an enabler.

Online Learning Platforms

The availability of online learning platforms has enabled a complete and adequate control of communication between teachers and students hence playing a significant role in a seamless continuation of classes shifting online. During the pandemic, schools were having minimal success in transitioning online. Many students found it hard for the new virtual classes to be engaging and teachers struggled to adapt to the times. With the introduction of online learning platforms, students can increase their learning experiences through a digital teaching-learning platform. These easy-to-use platforms streamline the experience for learners by having assignments, calendars, important dates, and files all in one centralized hub. Additionally, they often feature textbooks, learning materials, and other digital reading tools made for young readers and students to access everything they need for learning.

Online Educational Resources

Learning materials available on the internet in an online educational environment are referred to as online educational resources. These learning materials have effectively assisted students in learning according to their pace and give them access to the latest information. Availability of online learning materials has had a great influence in classes shifting online. Many schools are now using open educational resources for k-12 students, indicating that online learning is here to stay and is starting to be implemented much earlier on in education. 

Online learning materials have greatly reduced financial costs as they are more affordable as compared to physical learning materials. This is because online educational materials reduce most student costs such as transportation, rent, and food. Also, online learning helps students demonstrate high levels of self-motivation and help students gain a broader global perspective.

Emergence of Covid-19

After the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic in the early months of 2020, governments across the globe closed all learning institutions to curb the spread of the disease. The closure of schools meant learners and teachers would be greatly affected by the traditional face-face mode of learning. Due to this reason, there was a need to adopt a new model of education. Schools introduced a remote way of learning that enabled learners to learn via the internet, enabling many learners to access information remotely without getting inside a classroom.

Establishment of Online Education Initiatives

Many schools have taken the initiative of shifting classes online by introducing programs that focus on synchronous and asynchronous online discussions, blogs, and online self-assessments, which help students recognize different levels of technology proficiency and learning opportunities.

Final Thoughts

Generally, the ways mentioned above have had a great impact on the shifting of learning to online. New online learning methods and advanced online learning platforms have been developed as the technology world constantly changes. Additionally, the pandemic has emphasized the importance of disseminating knowledge among the students, between the borders, and in society through the web, and we should explore its full potential.

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