Stucco is a solid cement plaster that doesn’t always require crack patchingBut it still depends on depth and type of crack. Inquire with a professional stucco repair technician so you will get the right assessment for the job. 


Stucco materials and building techniques differ according to how old the house is, where it is, and who did the work. Look for service providers in areas where most houses are covered with stucco, which is usually found in older homes. Make sure that the contractor you hire knows how stucco is made. 

The Importance of Stucco Repair  

Stucco siding requires a unique repair approach every time. Several contractors view stucco as an art form. Stucco contractors are skilled in the job. Others that can restore stucco are painters, architects, and artisans. 

Repair measures depend on the size of the cracks and the specific structure of the stucco home. Early patching of the hairline cracks is required, sometimes using the repair material. For a small job, that can cost you a few hundred dollars, but the price may rise based on the crack area. Repairing cracks can cost thousands, and that includes repainting and removing pieces of stucco. 

The Stucco Repair Process 

Depending on what causes cracking, quality repair work can last for months or decades. Hairline crack patch repairs can last for years, while surface repair of a bigger crack caused by an underlying problem, such as home sedation, can require frequent maintenance. Highly rated suppliers of stucco services say they are pursuing a deal that covers maintenance for at least one year. We also caution against patching large fractures before we address the underlying cause. 

Stucco is one material that is porous. If you need to paint over a spot, the permeability of the wall has to be considered. Home repair contractors will usually repair the stucco and decorate it. The expense of painting your home may involve repairing minor hairline cracks. Often, even after a relatively small patch of stucco, the whole side of the house may need to be re-painted to retain a uniform look. 

However, if the stucco splits into patches, this could pose potential problems, but with minimal cost, nothing that could not be corrected relatively quickly and easily. You will need to patch and replace any damaged areas as soon as possible to prevent moisture from entering your home. 

Hire Professional Stucco Repair Contractors  

Find a reputable firm to repair the stucco in all damaged areas. Once the stucco has been applied, it is bound together by a standardized paint job. Another option would be to add an exterior architectural style trim. The trim will cover any damage to the stucco by removing old the structure and replacing it with a new one. Sure, you’re going to want to fix any damage, but the trim will hide any visible scars. 

Any contractor may not want to take part in this type of project if it is outside their field of expertise. So, it is crucial to find someone who is well respected and professional in the field of stucco work.