After a long winter season comes to the hottest temperature within a year – summer. During this time, you might observe that your garden and lawn does not look as great as they used to be. Most of the time, we tend to give lots of water to a lawn that looks dry and dead or putting fertilizers to our droopy plants. However, did you know that these methods can actually harm your lawn more than good? These methods could kill your plants instead of saving them.  


You should always keep in mind that the most vital ways to keep your garden and lawn resilient and strong are to properly water them. Sporadic and deep watering can help the roots of your plants and provide them what they require to survive the drought and heat. Rather than giving then shallow and frequent watering that only makes the roots to develop around the surface, which makes plants prone to drought and heat. 

Also, fertilizing during summertime, where heat is too much, must never be done since it’s the worst thing you could do to your garden or lawn. The fertilizer’s ingredients, on top of the hot climate, could eventually kill your plants. 

Lawn care 

In terms of lawn maintenance, you have two choices. 

  1. Halt from watering and enable your lawn to become dormant.
  2. To keep your lawn growing and alive, water it deeply for at least twice per week.

Never begin to provide your lawn a lot of water and then forget to water them the next weeks, or enable the lawn to turn dormant and attempt to bring it back. As soon as your lawn becomes dormant, you should wait until cooler climates start to kick in. Once this time comes, particularly during the Fall, you can bring it back to life.  

Plant and flower care 

Making your plants healthy every summer implies that you must use a lot of mulch, and infrequent and deep watering techniques. Mulch aids to prevent water from evaporating, so the plant has time to utilize it.  Before the temperature rises, you should water your plants early in the morning. Watering them at that specific time will guarantee that water will reach the roots.  

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