The installation of drywall is more of an art and science, which implies that there’s a lot of room of mistakes that might happen once it is done by amateur installers. An amateur installer can easily miss a couple of details, which could make the project to become an instant disaster. If this happens, it could possibly cost you both of your money and time trying to make up with it. Below are some of the common mistakes installers tend to commit and some of the tips to prevent them: 

Too deep screws 

As you hang drywall, it is quite simple to drive the screws quite too deep accidentally. This could lead to the drywall’s paper surface to break and it can affect the screw’s holding power negatively. To prevent this from happening, you have to drive the head of the screw for at least ¼ or ½ beyond the paper’s surface.  

Attaching prior to trimming 

An outlet hole does not usually quite fit the manner you first cut it. If this happens, you must ensure that before fastening the drywall to the framing, you must cut the opening. Or else, the drywall could possibly break near the electrical box while you trim.  

Too tight joints 

Once 2 adjacent sheets are suited together too tightly, it could break the drywall after or during the installation. You’ll have to enable sufficient space for the framing member’s contraction and expansion that naturally happens once the season changes. Drywall cracking will happen if there’s not enough space.  

Applying excessive joints 

In your project, the more joints are involved, the more challenging it would be. It does not only mean that it could be demanding for you while there are more taping that must be done and extra sheets to manage, but it could also mean that there will be more errors in the future. The solution to this is to utilize the longest and largest drywall sheets as you can. Do not worry about the expenses since it is much better to prepare more than enough. Also, drywall is a material that does not cost that much. 

Putting joints next to windows and doors 

Of you line up the edge of a drywall sheet with the edge of a window frame or door, there is a possibility that it will result in cracking eventually. While your home settles and shifts, the joint that can be found adjacent to any window or door is frailer compared to solid drywall and it could be damaged. 

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