Are you planning to apply a fresh coat of paint on your walls? Painting can be an enjoyable and fun experience. It can offer you a new lease on life. A new paint job can offer renewal to any room and improve the value of your house. However, if you don’t clean and prepare properly, it can lead to bubbling and cracking paint. Your paint job will not last long.  

If you don’t want to hire house painters Reno NV to paint your room, here are several steps that you can take to prepare the walls before painting. This will guarantee you’ve got a clean canvas.  

Prepare to Wipe 

It is vital to first start out with an excellent look at the wall you are planning to paint. How does your wall look? Does it have an accumulation of grime and dirt? Perhaps it has a lot of food stains or crayon marks? If that is the case, then you have to wipe down your dirty wall to make it better. You can use a soft washcloth. For this step, you can use a dry washcloth. You can start by wiping the wall down. This will get rid of the dust and dirt that might be an issue later on. 

Scrub the Wall 

After you wipe down the wall, it is time to scrub it down. This is particularly true for rubbed on grime and stains. In this step, you have to get your soap and sponge and make those bubbles. Make sure the cleaning solution you use is safe for any wall. This will help you easily get rid of the accumulation of dirt and stains and will leave your wall looking great. to guarantee that you can eliminate those stains and scuffs, it is suggested that you utilize grease-cutting detergent. It is vital to softly scrub in a circular motion since you are cleaning it, not damaging it. It is best to start from the upper part and work your way on the bottom area. 

Wipe Again 

After you clean the walls with soap and water, it is time to get rid of the excess soap by wiping down the wall again. You’ve got to ensure you get a new bucket of clean water. You can use a new washcloth, dampen it in the water, and wipe down your wall. This will get rid of the soap. It is vital to get rid of all the soap to prevent accumulation that can damage your new paint job. Before you paint the walls, you’ve got to ensure the wall is completely dry.  

Examine for Leaks and Mold 

After you clean the walls, you have to examine for possible mold growth and water damage. Check the wall and look for mold growth. There are ways you can do this. This includes: 

  • Water stains varying in color 
  • Raised and bowed parts of the paint 
  • Cracking or bubbling in the paint 

If you notice one of those things, it can be an indication of a much bigger issue. Make sure you hire a professional to fix it.